Science Research Innovation

SRI Strategy

  • Investing in Australian public research and development: problems, opportunities and challenges.
  • The intersection between innovation strategy and industrial strategy.
  • Extending the role of social sciences and humanities in SRI strategy.
  • Best practice approaches for Research Commercialisation.

Significant Projects

  • Investing in Australian public research and development: problems, challenges, and opportunities, Howard Partners (in progress).
  • The Challenges for Australian Research and Innovation, UTS Occasional Paper, UTS and Howard Partners, 2020.
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Higher Education

  • Outlooks for the structure, financing, and operations of Australia’s higher education system.
  • Collaboration and cooperation between higher education and business.
  • Developing “institutions for engagement” in university, business, government, and community relations.

Significant Projects

  • Rethinking Australia’s higher education system: towards a diversified system for the 21st century, with Preface by Professor Glyn Davis, Howard Partners, 2021.
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Innovation Systems

  • Innovation system and ecosystem policies, strategies, and governance models.
  • Regional Innovation Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3).
  • The role of intermediaries in support of innovation.
  • Knowledge exchange networks.

Significant Projects

  • Australia’s Rural Innovation Future: Performance Review of The Rural Innovation System for the Rural Industries Research and Innovation Committee of the Primary Industry Ministers Council, 2018.
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Capacity and Capability

  • Developing R&D workforce capacity and capability.
  • Capabilities for Australian enterprise innovation.
  • Building ingenuity and initiatives in innovation.

Significant Projects

  • Capabilities for Australian enterprise innovation: The role of government, industry and education and research institutions in developing innovation capabilities, Securing Australia’s Future project, ACOLA, 2016.
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