Evaluation and Performance Improvement

What we do


Howard Partners has developed a unique approach to program evaluation that addresses both program performance and program improvement. Our approach extends well beyond performance audit. As management consultants, our focus is on identifying areas for program performance improvement and making recommendations that are capable of implementation.


We are guided by an understanding that identifying problems is relatively easy; developing solutions is much more complex. In these assignments we bring our knowledge and experience in policy, strategy, management, organisation, information systems and finance.


We take an integrated approach to assessing 'value for money' - efficiency, effectiveness and appropriateness.  Our approach is to take a positive and proactive approach to:


.  identifying and documenting achievements, successes and impacts

.  discussing problems and issues of concern - and identify root causes

.  recommending change and workable solutions - including costs and savings

.  proposing strategies for implementation.


The firm has an extensive portfolio of review and program evaluation assignments undertaken for Commonwealth, State and Local Government.  Significant projects undertaken through Howard Partners are listed below. Assignments undertaken through consulting firms where Dr Howard was previously engaged are referenced.

Indicative Projects


Member of Panel to review the CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering Division - Science Assessment Review

Melbourne: CSIRO. 2013


Member of Panel to review the CSIRO Future Manufacturing Flagship. Melbourne: CSIRO. 2012


Evaluation of the Budget Initiative: Securing Australia. Canberra: Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. 2007


Audit of the Reef Water Quality Protection Plan. Brisbane: Department of Environment and Heritage and the Queensland Department of the Premier and Cabinet. 2006


Review of the ACT Government's Knowledge Fund. Canberra: Chief Minister's Department. 2006


Evaluation of the Agenda for New Manufacturing. Melbourne: Department of Innovation, Industry, and Regional Development. 2006


Evaluation of the Budget Initiative for Enhancing Animal Health Infrastructure. Canberra: Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. 2005


Evaluation of the Budget Initiative for Building a National Approach to Animal and Plant Health. Canberra: Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. 2003


Evaluation of the Australian Wetland Repair Program and Review of the Management of Wetland Care Australia. Canberra: Department of Environment and Heritage. 2003


Review and Report on Competed NIDP Projects. Canberra: Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. 2003


Review of the Australian Pork Industry Quality Program (APIQ).Canberra:  Australian Pork Limited. 2002


Evaluation of the National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund. Canberra: Department of Health and Ageing. 2005


National Food Industry Strategy: Monitoring and Evaluation Framework. Canberra: Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. 2000


Mid-Term Review of the Natural Heritage Trust: Review of Administration. Canberra: Department of Environment and Heritage.

1999. See Report



During 2018 Howard Partners is celebrating 20 years as an independent public policy research, advisory, and management consulting firm.


Howard Partners was honoured to have contributed to the Innovation and Science Australia Strategic Plan, Australia 2030: Prosperity Though Innovation, released in early 2018. Our Consultations Report and Expert Opinion Survey was released at the same time.


Howard Partners has recently completed the Performance Review of the Rural Innovation System for the  National Primary Industries Research and Innovation Committee. Publication is expected shortly.


The firm has also recently completed an innovation narrative of the Canberra Innovation System for the period 1998-2018.  Publication is also expected shortly.




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